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2-way compact versatile full range system, High power handling of 600 W

  • A versatile full range two-way loudspeaker system that features an ultra low distortion 12" neodymium woofer and a 1" neodymium compression driver coupled to a 90° x 60° rotatable elliptical waveguide.

    Main Features

    • 2-way compact versatile full range system
    • Frequency range:  60 Hz – 21 kHz (-6 dB)
    • High power handling of 600 W
    • Neodymium drivers for light weight
    • 90°x60° rotatable elliptical waveguide
    • Designed for both PA and stage monitoring
    • Multidesign enlosure with monitor function
    • Available as left and right version
    • Ball impact resistant (DIN 18032-3)
    • System integration with LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers


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CODA’s G-Series boxes are made with versatility in mind: full range systems that incorporate top end drivers; as a result, they’re suitable for a wide range of applications.

The G500 Series includes the G512-Pro, G515-Pro, and the G15 and G18-Subs. As is always the case with CODA, it all starts with the drivers: It’s a compact, smart 2-way system with wide dispersion, incorporating top quality patented annular 1″ HF drivers, and ultra-low distortion neodymium woofers with a 3″ voice coil and triple demodulation rings.

The G512-Pro boasts a power handling of 600 W and has a 12″ neodymium cone driver, with a 1″ HF driver on a 90° x 60° rotatable elliptical waveguide. These are no ordinary compression drivers, of course: The HF drivers contain CODA’s unique CuCup technology, which dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion, and in turn, deliver the most pristine and transparent audio.

It’s also simple to mount these boxes on walls or ceilings thanks to its M6 flying points for optional U-brackets, making them a no-brainer for any touring or install application: They’re a great choice for bands, stage monitoring, DJs, clubs, and installations.

Low end reinforcement comes courtesy of the compact G15 and G18 Subs, with 15″ and 18″ neodymium ultra low distortion woofers respectively. Both are high output, packing a serious punch at 1200 W – the perfect partner to the two tops.

G512-Pro has been designed to work exclusively with CODA Audio LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP, amplification, network remote control, optimal performance, protection, as well as extensive possibilities for system tuning and monitoring.


Type: Compact 2-way Multidesign System
Application: High quality short throw or stage monitor
Frequency response: 60 Hz – 21 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling AES: 600 W
Peak power: 2400 W
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Max. SPL peak*: 132 dB
Amplification, cabinets per amplifier:  
LINUS5-C Optimum / Maximum: 4/8
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum: 8/16
LINUS12C Optimum / Maximum: 8/16
LINUS14 Optimum / Maximum: 8/16
Dispersion: 90° horizontal / 60° vertical
Low frequency: 12″ neodymium woofer, 3″ (77 mm) voice coil, 600W (AES)
High frequency: 1″ neodymium compression driver, 1.75″ (44.4 mm) voice coil, 80 W (AES)
Crossover: 1300 Hz passsive
Nominal impedance: 8 Ω (1+/1-)
Input connectors: 2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Suspension: G512-Pro: M6 and M8 threaded points for use with optional U-bracket
  G512: M6 threaded points for use with optional U-bracket
Enclosure material: Birch plywood
Finish: Polyurea coating
IP rating (IEC 60529) IP54
Weather protection options: Standard IP55: IP55 (direct cable)
MG1 (Marine Grade 1): IP55
Dimensions (WxHxD): 348 x 630 x 320 mm (13.7 x 24.8 x 12.6″)
Net weight: 16 kg / 35.27 lbs


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