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BASSO 2121-A

BASSO 2121-A

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Large format Dual 21" Active Touring subwoofer with truly professional finish, materials equivalent size and cost to conventional dual 18", with 50% more output power and fast accurate response even at high crossovers, for any touring or high SPL or infra extension subwoofer application.

BASSO 2121-A

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BASSO2121-A is classic design dual 21˝ Direct Radiation subwoofer that meets all the expectations for Touring and large venues and High-SPL applications.This active subwoofer features an integrated amp module capable of handling up to 3.2 kW and provides a linear response typical of subwoofers with both deep low frequency response and excellent impulse and transient definition. Thanks to a carefully designed and tuned cabinet and eight symmetrical front-firing ports that allow for extremely linear excursion of woofers, maximizing their SPL response and minimizing mechanical noises and distortion.A high-end 24bit @ 48kHz AD/DA integrated DSP board allows for quick and precise adjustments thanks to advanced limiters and FIR filters and 4 selectable Set-up presets.Like All IDEA Loudspeakers BASSO2121-A is built with the necessary structural strength and finish quality required for durable touring use. The high quality 18 mm birch plywood enclosure coated with IDEA Aquaforce custom paint solution and a 2-mm steel front grille.


Mô tả: 
▪ Compact Dual 21˝ Direct Radiations design
▪ Rugged and durable 18 mm birch plywood construction and finish
▪ Premium European High Efficiency custom IDEA Transducers
▪ 3.2 kW Class-D Amp
▪ Dual Neutrik NL4 connectors
▪ Durable Aquaforce paint, available in standard textured black or white, optional RAL colors (on demand)
▪ 36 mm pole cups and four integrated handles

Thông số kỹ thuật: 

Enclosure design Bass Reflex
Transducers 2 x 21”
Power Handling (RMS) 2.8 kW
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
SPL (Continuous/Peak) 136/142 dB SPL
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 20 – 80/95/120 Hz
Frequency Range (-3 dB) 24 – 60/75/100 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1200 x 600 x 950 mm (47.2 x 23.6 x 37.4 in)
Weight 130 kg (286.5 lb)
Connectors 2 x Neutrik speakOn NL-4 in parallel
+/-1 Input
+/-2 Link
Cabinet Construction 18 mm Plywood
Grille 2 mm perforated weatherised steel with protective foam
Finish Durable IDEA proprietary Aquaforce paint coating process
Handles 4 integrated handles
Feet/Skates 4 skates (H/V)
Installation 36 mm Pole mount socket (H/V)
Accessories 35 mm Pole (K&M-21336)
Wheels (WH-04)

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