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Compact multipurpose 2-way passive professional loudspeaker with floor monitor wedge profile, for all classic portable professional sound reinforcement and Touring applications as FOH, Floor or fill monitor. Versatility and power for any situation.
We recommend the use of EXO loudspeakers in conjuction with LF equipment for optimal performance.


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EXO12 is a versatile, high-performance full range 2-way passive wedged monitor conceived for professional environments where portable sound reinforcement is required, delivering a superior audio reproduction in a very compact, multipurpose format.

EXO12 HF assembly couples a 3″ compression driver into common EXO Series birch plywood axisymmetric horn with IDEA’s proprietary design and a premium European, dedicated-design passive crossover filter provides a smooth, natural transition intro the LF 12″ woofer.

Like all IDEA models, EXO12 is built with 15 and 18 mm Finnish plywood, IDEA‘s Aquaforce waterproof paint coating and a high quality steel grille, creating a rugged, durable and stylish loudspeaker.

The 60º wedged cabinet allows not only to be used as FOH main system in small venues, bars and AV applications and as a stage monitor but to seamlessly fit into any wall mount fixed installation.

EXO12 integrates a bottom Pole Mount 35 mm socket to be configured on BASSO Series subwoofers for portable sound reinforcement and medium performance venues and clubs. The dedicated U-bracket and ten threaded M8 inserts allow for all vertical and horizontal U-bracket positions both for wall and ceiling fixed installations as well as to be precisely oriented in pole mounted configurations.


Mô tả: 

▪ Standard compact multipurpose wedged monitor (60°) design with four integrated handles
▪ Premium European High Efficiency custom IDEA Transducers and passive crossover board
▪ IDEA proprietary axisymmetric coherent spherical wave-front HF assembly
▪ 8 Ohm Passive
▪ Dual Neutrik NL4 connectors
▪ Durable Aquaforce paint, available in standard textured black or white, optional RAL colors (on demand)
▪ Rugged and durable 15/18 mm birch plywood construction and finish
▪ 1.5 mm Aquaforce coated steel grille with internal protective foam
▪ 36 mm Pole mount cup and dedicated installation and rigging accessories

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Enclosure design Wedged
LF Transducers 1 x 12” High performance woofer
HF Transducers 3” Voice coil Compression Driver
Power Handling (RMS) 500 W
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
SPL (Continuous/Peak) 122/128 dB SPL
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 55 – 23000 Hz
Frequency Range (-3 dB) 69 – 21000 Hz
Coverage 80° Axisymmetric
Dimensions (WxHxD) 336 x 681 x 366 mm (13.2 x 26.8 x 14.4 in)
Weight 23.5 kg (51.8 lb)
Connectors 2 x Neutrik speakOn NL-4 in parallel
+/-1 Input
+/-2 Link
Cabinet Construction 15 + 18 mm Birch Plywood

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